Types of spells which are used in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a very much popular game and all the android users are obsessed with it. In this game, you will have to build your client and upgrade all the town hall, troops, gold storage, elixir storage etc and it may look easy to most of the newbies but it is not because the entire game is based on strategies. With every leveling up or upgradation, you will be unlocking new properties of the game like the new troops or the new spells, this is how eventually I learnt how to get free gems in coc. So here in this article, we are going to tell you some of the characteristics of spells which you will be using in this game.

Spells used in Clash of Clans

Lightning spell: This is the very first spell which you will be unlocking from the factory. This spell can take out the crucial defenses like the air defense or more. This spell is mainly used for destroying the troops which are coming from the castle and to leveling up this lighting spell you will have to spend 15000 elixirs on the level 1 and 26000 elixirs on the Level 7.

Healing spell: This is the second spell which you will unlock and this is mostly used for supporting the valuable troops like The Balloons, Hog Riders or the Giants. For leveling up this healing spell you will need 15000 elixirs at level 1 and 24000 elixirs at level 6.

Rage spell: This spell will help you to create a beautiful Ring of rage and it is mainly used for making the troops more stronger and faster. It can significantly enhance the capability of troops who are having high and slow HP Troops.

Jump spell: This spell has an amazing feature of-of jumping over the walls within the radius of the spell. It will cost you 23000 elixir on the level 1 and when it comes to this spell it has a very long-lasting effect.

Freeze spell: This is a great spell when it comes to freezing the enemy’s defenses or troops for some seconds and at the same time it will help your players to move from the range or destroyed their clan. It will cost you 26000 elixir on the level 1 of the spell and it can be used for freezing the Motors or the visitors from attacking the barbarians. The freeze spell will have long-lasting effect if it is upgraded to higher levels.

These spells will help you at the beginning of the game when you will be unlocking the spells and to master the game you can also use Clash of Clan hacks which are available on many websites.

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