The Top Game Genres that Are Guilty of Inciting the Most Nerd Rage

Nerd rage is the uncontrollable feeling of laser beaming hatred, fury, and irritation that takes possession of gamers as a result of in-game and real world mishaps that effect their gaming experience – and following are the top gaming genres that has the habit of generating the most nerd rage.

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) are virtual worlds where gamers take on in-game characters – and gamers have been known to spend hours, days, and years acquiring in-game features and skills to boost the reputation and advance through the ranks of their favorite MMORPG. MMORPGs are notoriously known for taking over people’s lives and when something goes wrong in an MMORPG, the type of nerd rage that ensues goes from cracking computer screens to driving MMORPG gamers to trying to force remote controllers up their own butts.

First-Person Shooters

First-Person Shooters (FPS) games are probably the gaming genre responsible for the quickest burst of nerd rage possible – and If you’ve ever watched someone play a Halo or Call of Duty game, you’ve noticed the phenomenon of nerd rage first hand. In an FPS game a simple miss of a headshot, a little lag, an idiot teammate, friendly fire, or anything else that doesn’t go according to plans is all that it’ll take to cause a major case of nerd rage.

Sports Games

Regardless of the sport (basketball, soccer, baseball, football, etc.) a secret [and hidden] element in all sports games in nerd rage. It is easy for nerd rage to come about while playing sports games, because unlike most of the other games on this list, sports games require gamers to rely on the skill of AI teammates that were clearly designed by monkeys in a lab – and its likely that something will always go wrong.

Role-playing Games (RPGs)

Much like MMORPGs, RPGs are known for making even the most civil person turn into a lunatic possessed of nerd rage. The only difference between an MMORPG and an RPG is the online interaction between other players and that difference does nothing to curb a gamer ‘ s nerd rage.

Racing Simulators

Racing Simulators are unique in that gamers don’t even have to be competing against gamers or AI competition to undergo a spell of nerd rage – simply playing a tutorial level of a racing simulator can drive a gamer mad. Racing Simulators have complex gaming controls, face paced gameplay, and is not that forgiving of small mistakes – the perfect ingredients for a fresh brew of lustful mouth-salivating nerd rage.

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