Preview of the Samsung Captive Android Smartphone

The battle of the Droid phones continues as Samsung announced their contender: The Captive. Well what makes this AT T; powered smartphone worth taking a look at? Soon you’ll know. Like other Android smartphones, it is running off of the new operating system developed by Google. If you love AT T; but want something besides the iPhone, this may be the perfect choice for you.
The Look

Long, thin, and streamlined is what The Captive is going for. Like the Motorola Droid X, this phone is a bit longer than we’re used to seeing in cell phones, but unlike the Droid X, this phone is also very thin. It’ll fit in your pocket no problem, even skinny jeans. The design is similar to the Droid X with a large touch screen that lets you choose apps as well as four simple buttons at the bottom. The sleek and simple design originally inspired by the iPhone has reached across the board with smartphones now.

The Software

Since it is working with the Android operating system by Google, this phone will have instant access to youtube, google maps, gmail, and a number of other helpful Google tools. The front page includes a Google search bar, even. Additionally, it includes Android Market where you can purchase or get free extra apps, just like the iPhone. There aren’t many apps out yet, but Google hopes that soon third parties will begin developing them. The Captive’s web features have also been optimized thanks to the new AT T; High Speed Packet. This makes the Captive the best phone at downloading from the already fastest 3G network. The Samsung Captive is good with video, music, and all other kinds of downloadable content.

Appearance and Performance

The screen of this phone is excellent. All of the latest Android phones have focused on having great screens and The Captive’s 4 inch display is certainly new exception. The operating system runs smoothly on this phone and the navigation is very intuitive and helpful. Running on AT T;’s fast network makes it a good competitor for the iPhone, if you don’t like the Apple experience. It has a 5 megapixel camera which, though impressive, is a few steps behind some of the competitors.

The Samsung Captive is sleek, thin, and works great. It’s definitely in the runnings for my next cell phone. The only drawback to this phone is probably that it may not stand out from the crowd enough except for the fact that its so thin.


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