How to Get Better at Hay Day

When it comes to a game like Hay Day, unless you are willing to spend real world money, a large portion of the game is going to be spent waiting for your crops to grow. While a number of crops are going to take just a few minutes to reach maturity and be ready for you to sell, it is important to note that as you progress in the game and start getting orders that require more complicated crops, waiting times are going to end up increasing by a rather significant margin and you would have no choice but to make the most of it.

This can be frustrating because you are not going to have anything to do while your crops are going. Hence, a true master of the game is going to rely on more than just waiting. They are going to plant their crops more intelligently, using a Hay Day hack that would make it so that when they don’t have all that much to do they are going to plant those crops that are going to take a long time to grow so that they can get a harvest in the mean time. This is a hay day hack that you should certainly try out because it would provide numerous benefits to you in the long run.

The thing about these crops is that you don’t need to have the game open for them to grow. Instead, you can use thehayhack that would allow you to just leave them where they are, allowing them to grow while you take part in real world activities. There are two main areas of the day where you should try to grow these crops. One part of the day is while you are asleep. Before you fall asleep for the night you should plants that would take hours to grow, taking care to ensure that they are planted at such a time that absolutely no time is wasted in the game at all. When you wake up you would have a large stock of crops that you would be able to sell for quite a significant profit.

How to Optimize Your Use of This Hay Day Hack

Another part of your day when you should grow these crops is when you are at school or work. When you have real world duties to take care of, this game is not going to be very high on your list of priorities. Hence, you should make it so that when you have other things to deal with you are not wasting any time in the game, instead allowing these moments to give you the opportunity to grow some slow growing crops. You can set up periodical alerts that would make it easier for you to grow the optimal amount of crops.

It would be a good idea for you to grow crops in advance using this Hay Day hack. Don’t just wait until you get an order, instead you should try to grow crops before you actually get asked for them. This way you’d be able to fulfill orders as quickly as possible, and if your customers start getting their orders from you at this rate they are going to want to keep coming back to you again and again. After all, people don’t want to have to wait to get the order that they so desperately need, so an individual such as yourself that is able to use a Hay Day hack to cut down delivery times is going to be very important to them indeed.

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