Game Guide for KORBATS LAB Two, on NEOPETS

This game guide is for the NEW version of KORBATS LAB! If you have any information, comments or questions please neomail me. I am an actual Neopets player, user name, Barbara725. This game has 50 levels and for photos of all levels you would need to see my guide on the Neopets site under my pet George72545420. For my old Korbats guide, please see my pet, EandAsmom.
What is Korbats Lab? It is what happens when you combine a game of ping pong with a game of pool-billiards. The object is to use your paddle and hit the yellow ball to remove the blocks. Simple? not really. This game requires practice and PATIENCE!

To obtain the avatar you must be in the top 50 of the high score table for the game.
Type the word spiderbite to gain an extra life. DO NOT TYPE THIS AT THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME! Wait until you have lost one life. There is a falling potion, the one with a star in it, that will give you an extra life. Unfortunately if you already have four lives you will not get an extra…. so wait in case.
The LARGE falling skull, not in a potion bottle, is GAME OVER!

#1 Flying Korbats and dangling spiders. On different levels you will notice one or more spiders or Korbats that appear to get in your way to interfere with your ball. The difference? There are a lot more of them!! The spiders drop more quickly and bounce a bit. The bats fly lower and if they are at the very bottom they can drop your ball out of the game.

#2 Each level has different configurations of blocks. The stone type you can not get through and the brown blocks you must remove. You must hit the light brown blocks once and the crate/dark brown ones three times. DIFFERENCE: THESE BLOCKS WILL NOT BECOME SOLID AND UNBREAKABLE IN SOME LEVELS LIKE THE OLD VERSION. The grenade symbol means that when that block is hit it will take out other blocks in its vicinity. The flame symbol, when hit, removes all blocks below it. DO NOT be afraid of the falling flame it does not do any harm at all.
There are 50 levels but unlike the old Korbats only the first three levels are the same in every game. After level three you will receive random game screens for each new successive level.

#3 YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO BREAK ALL THE FIRE BLOCKS BEFORE THE LAST REGULAR BLOCK! It does not seem to effect the game in any way.

#4 You no longer have a “zero” level life. In the old version when you were on life “one” you would still have a life on “zero”. Now you only have the three you start with and the “spiderbite” life plus any “potion life” if you get lucky.

Potions and NC coins. Potions, or NC coins may drop from various blocks after they have been hit. First, none of these are worth losing a life for. If you can not get it easily just skip it. The only exception to this is a LARGE falling skeleton head. Even if you lose a life avoid this as it is GAME OVER!
The silver NC coins give you a 50 point bonus.
The gold NC coin is worth 500. (rare)
Potion with purple arrows pointing outward – horizontal: Makes your paddle bigger.
Potion with pink arrows pointing inward – makes your paddle smaller.
Potion with red ball inside. Turns your ball red and it will break through all bricks including stone.
Purple potion with three yellow balls. Gives you multiple balls in play at the same time.
Potion with red arrow pointing down. Makes your paddle go slower.
Potion with red arrow pointing down and yellow ball. Makes your ball move more slowly. NOTE: SPEED EFFECTS CAN MULTIPLY. HIT A FEW BALL SLOW DOWNS IN A ROW AND THE BALL WILL HARDLY MOVE. Go have lunch….
Potion with yellow/green arrow pointing up. Makes your paddle move more quickly.
Potion with yellow/green arrow pointing up and a yellow ball. MAKES THE BALL SPEED UP – WATCH FOR MULTIPLES ON THIS!
Black potion with red question mark. Restarts your level. Great on easy level to earn extra points, but unlike the old version you must complete the full level.
Potion with pink question mark. I forget – will update.
Potion with a bullet – rocket inside. Shoots out a rocket that you control like the paddle. It can knock out one brick.
Potion with yellow arrow turning 180 degrees. Reverses your paddle controls.
Potion with green arrow turning 180 degrees. Reverses your whole game and paddle controls!!!!!
Potion bottle with SMALL skull. Removes the korbats or spiders.
Potion?? Causes all flames to fall.
Potion with yellow sun. Explodes all grenades.
Potion with “stone or rock” inside. Knocks all crates down one hit.
Blue potion with Yellow sun. Jumps you forward one level. It seems to award you full level points.
Potion with yellow/gold star. EXTRA LIFE!

SKIP LEVEL. Type “skip” at any time to skip a particular level or jump to the next if you are having trouble. Just remember that you don’t earn points if you skip this way. You may use this code as many times as you want.
MULTI-BALL. Type “destroy” to get about 30 or so balls on the screen at one time. There were too many for me to count.


You will notice that the flame on the candle changes from yellow to pink and back as you play. If you hit the space bar after a complete color change the direction your ball is traveling will change. This is GREAT!! If your ball has gotten stuck somewhere which still happens in this version, you can un-stick it. Better yet, as you learn the timing and directional changes, you can make your ball go into areas that are otherwise very difficult.

Ball bouncing through solid blocks. I have had the ball “bounce through” solid blocks that are at an angle to each other. There appears to be a very small space between the solid blocks and hit just right the ball goes through. On the good side, if there is regular block on the other side, it can knock it out.

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