Things to keep in mind while playing SimCity Buildit

SimCity Buildit is game which deals with city building and is played on both mobile and tablets. This game was launched in the year 2014 by the EA Mobile. This is a game about mobile simulation and is the treat for the gamers. Here the player will become the city’s mayor, and they will have to build everything in the city and help in upgrading many things. But with the help of proper a proper simcity buildit guide 2018 or cheats, you can easily proceed in this game. If you have a motive of proceeding quickly in this game, then you can use the resources like simoleons or simcash.

Things which you can implement in this game

In this game, you have to make sure that you are continuously producing new items. Even though you don’t need any for upgradation or building still having some extra in your hand is not a bad idea. You can easily sell them, and if nobody is purchasing them still, you don’t have to worry.

Players often make the mistake that they don’t spend money on producing items which will need a huge time for production. But if you can produce them then you can easily sell them at high Trade HQ. So always concentrate on these items.

Whenever the sims demand anything necessary, then you should immediately provide it to them or buy them at first. But when they are demanding any education, beaches, parks or transportation then you can keep it on hold till you have enough cash to buy them. Always avoid spending cash on unnecessary services.

When you are playing this game, you can tap on the level circle which will show you the items which will be unlocked at the next level. If you see that in the next level you will need to provide necessary services to the sims then you should always start to save the resources otherwise your sim will keep demanding for it. So always check what your sims will need.

If you can keep the sims happy, then they will reward you with more taxes. And you can keep them above 90% then they will be paying you a tax of 20%. So always try to keep them above 90%.

You should also try to expand your city quickly. Starting from education, transportation, entertainment, park, landmark or gambling and every other basic need which your current population is demanding and in return, they will pay you a tax of 20%.

You should always keep popping all the bubbles which you will be getting in your city or in the cities that you will visit. Because popping them can benefit you with several new special items. If you can pop the bubbles while visiting other cities, then chances of getting any rare item which you are looking for a long time is very high.

These are some few things to keep in mind for playing this game properly. But having a proper strategy and not spending on unnecessary services can help you to go a long way in this game.

How to Use the Night Witch

The Night Witch is a Legendary and probably one of the most powerful cards in Clash Royale. You need to know how to use it properly, though, in order to win. In this tutorial you will learn how to use the night witch and her specifics in Clash Royale.

Using the Night Witch

Her attack range is 1.85 tiles which is the same as a knight. She can take out the Hog Rider with ease, if planted between the towers. She can take out units like the bomber before they even get a chance to spawn. She can be played both offensively and defensively. If you spawn her behind the tower to get rid cards attack your tower and place a giant in front of her as she makes her way towards the tower, the giant will soak all the damage and she will take the tower down. She can do air damage with her bats even though she only does melee. Fireball and Zap will not kill the night witch. Only Sparky can one-shot the Night Witch, but she can counter Sparky with her death bats. She can take out a balloon with her two bats. She can be used as a good defense against Graveyard. If you clone the witch then her clone will also spawn bats as well. If you plant her near a goblin barrel she will shutdown most of the barrel with minimal damage to the tower. She can be used with a giant to take down an inferno tower with her bats, it is the best clash royale tool.


Countering the Night Witch

She can be countered with an executioner because he slashes her bats and the ranged attack vanquishes her before she can reach him. Use a tornado in the center and she will be exposed to both princess tower’s arrows and die. Placing a cannon in the centre of your arena will also be enough to kill her. Using freeze on her, as she crosses the bridge will also take her down, doing something similar with poison will also be effective. Clash Royale is all about creative countering.

Afrika for Playstation 3 Finally Heads to North America

The Playstation 3 game, Afrika, is finally coming to North America. Natsume will be bringing the quirky Japanese game over sometime in 2009.
Afrika was first seen at E3 2006 as part of the showcase for the Playstation 3, which was set to launch at the end of the year. The tech demo stood out against other videos thanks to its expansive and highly-detailed take on the African wildlife. Although there wasn’t any real gameplay footage, Afrika became one of the most hyped Playstation 3 games early on.

However, the Playstation 3 exclusive game would disappear completely from the public view. For that reason, many thought that Afrika was either cancelled or simply nothing more than a tech demo for the Playstation 3. Afrika would resurface a year later unbeknownst to the public with, for the first time ever, gameplay footage.

When the gameplay footage was shown, many people immediately thought of Pokémon Snap. The 1999 Nintendo 64 game focuses on snapping pictures of Pokémon creatures. You will ride on an automatically moving vehicle throughout exotic lands to take pictures of Pokémons in their natural habitat. This game’s essence is the same as Afrika on the Playstation 3.

In fact, you could say that Afrika is a more evolved form of Pokémon Snap. As you may have guessed from the name, the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive is set in the land of Africa. You will venture through the plains, desserts and savannahs of the massive continent filled with diverse wildlife. To traverse the massive lands, you can either use a jeep, hot air balloon or simply your own two feet.

The objective of Afrika is to become a great animal photographer. You must take pictures of wild animals at just the perfect moment in order to earn money. You can spend the cash on upgrading your equipment and unlocking real-life footage bought to you by National Geographic.

Sony Computer Entertainment published the game in Japan and released it on August 28, 2008. In spite of all the initial hype for the game in addition to numerous fan requests, they decided to not bring this unique title to the west.

Just like another Playstation 3 exclusive game, Demon’s Souls, the Sony-published Japanese game eventually found a new home with a third-party gaming company. Natsume has picked up the slab and will be bringing Afrika to North America. Best known for the Harvest Moon series, the small company specializes in publishing niche titles. Therefore, Afrika is a perfect fit for them.

Look for the Playstation 3 exclusive game to arrive before the end of 2009.