Things to keep in mind while playing SimCity Buildit

SimCity Buildit is game which deals with city building and is played on both mobile and tablets. This game was launched in the year 2014 by the EA Mobile. This is a game about mobile simulation and is the treat for the gamers. Here the player will become the city’s mayor, and they will have to build everything in the city and help in upgrading many things. But with the help of proper a proper simcity buildit guide 2018 or cheats, you can easily proceed in this game. If you have a motive of proceeding quickly in this game, then you can use the resources like simoleons or simcash.

Things which you can implement in this game

In this game, you have to make sure that you are continuously producing new items. Even though you don’t need any for upgradation or building still having some extra in your hand is not a bad idea. You can easily sell them, and if nobody is purchasing them still, you don’t have to worry.

Players often make the mistake that they don’t spend money on producing items which will need a huge time for production. But if you can produce them then you can easily sell them at high Trade HQ. So always concentrate on these items.

Whenever the sims demand anything necessary, then you should immediately provide it to them or buy them at first. But when they are demanding any education, beaches, parks or transportation then you can keep it on hold till you have enough cash to buy them. Always avoid spending cash on unnecessary services.

When you are playing this game, you can tap on the level circle which will show you the items which will be unlocked at the next level. If you see that in the next level you will need to provide necessary services to the sims then you should always start to save the resources otherwise your sim will keep demanding for it. So always check what your sims will need.

If you can keep the sims happy, then they will reward you with more taxes. And you can keep them above 90% then they will be paying you a tax of 20%. So always try to keep them above 90%.

You should also try to expand your city quickly. Starting from education, transportation, entertainment, park, landmark or gambling and every other basic need which your current population is demanding and in return, they will pay you a tax of 20%.

You should always keep popping all the bubbles which you will be getting in your city or in the cities that you will visit. Because popping them can benefit you with several new special items. If you can pop the bubbles while visiting other cities, then chances of getting any rare item which you are looking for a long time is very high.

These are some few things to keep in mind for playing this game properly. But having a proper strategy and not spending on unnecessary services can help you to go a long way in this game.

How to Use the Night Witch

The Night Witch is a Legendary and probably one of the most powerful cards in Clash Royale. You need to know how to use it properly, though, in order to win. In this tutorial you will learn how to use the night witch and her specifics in Clash Royale.

Using the Night Witch

Her attack range is 1.85 tiles which is the same as a knight. She can take out the Hog Rider with ease, if planted between the towers. She can take out units like the bomber before they even get a chance to spawn. She can be played both offensively and defensively. If you spawn her behind the tower to get rid cards attack your tower and place a giant in front of her as she makes her way towards the tower, the giant will soak all the damage and she will take the tower down. She can do air damage with her bats even though she only does melee. Fireball and Zap will not kill the night witch. Only Sparky can one-shot the Night Witch, but she can counter Sparky with her death bats. She can take out a balloon with her two bats. She can be used as a good defense against Graveyard. If you clone the witch then her clone will also spawn bats as well. If you plant her near a goblin barrel she will shutdown most of the barrel with minimal damage to the tower. She can be used with a giant to take down an inferno tower with her bats, it is the best clash royale tool.


Countering the Night Witch

She can be countered with an executioner because he slashes her bats and the ranged attack vanquishes her before she can reach him. Use a tornado in the center and she will be exposed to both princess tower’s arrows and die. Placing a cannon in the centre of your arena will also be enough to kill her. Using freeze on her, as she crosses the bridge will also take her down, doing something similar with poison will also be effective. Clash Royale is all about creative countering.

How to Get Better at Hay Day

When it comes to a game like Hay Day, unless you are willing to spend real world money, a large portion of the game is going to be spent waiting for your crops to grow. While a number of crops are going to take just a few minutes to reach maturity and be ready for you to sell, it is important to note that as you progress in the game and start getting orders that require more complicated crops, waiting times are going to end up increasing by a rather significant margin and you would have no choice but to make the most of it.

This can be frustrating because you are not going to have anything to do while your crops are going. Hence, a true master of the game is going to rely on more than just waiting. They are going to plant their crops more intelligently, using a Hay Day hack that would make it so that when they don’t have all that much to do they are going to plant those crops that are going to take a long time to grow so that they can get a harvest in the mean time. This is a hay day hack that you should certainly try out because it would provide numerous benefits to you in the long run.

The thing about these crops is that you don’t need to have the game open for them to grow. Instead, you can use thehayhack that would allow you to just leave them where they are, allowing them to grow while you take part in real world activities. There are two main areas of the day where you should try to grow these crops. One part of the day is while you are asleep. Before you fall asleep for the night you should plants that would take hours to grow, taking care to ensure that they are planted at such a time that absolutely no time is wasted in the game at all. When you wake up you would have a large stock of crops that you would be able to sell for quite a significant profit.

How to Optimize Your Use of This Hay Day Hack

Another part of your day when you should grow these crops is when you are at school or work. When you have real world duties to take care of, this game is not going to be very high on your list of priorities. Hence, you should make it so that when you have other things to deal with you are not wasting any time in the game, instead allowing these moments to give you the opportunity to grow some slow growing crops. You can set up periodical alerts that would make it easier for you to grow the optimal amount of crops.

It would be a good idea for you to grow crops in advance using this Hay Day hack. Don’t just wait until you get an order, instead you should try to grow crops before you actually get asked for them. This way you’d be able to fulfill orders as quickly as possible, and if your customers start getting their orders from you at this rate they are going to want to keep coming back to you again and again. After all, people don’t want to have to wait to get the order that they so desperately need, so an individual such as yourself that is able to use a Hay Day hack to cut down delivery times is going to be very important to them indeed.

How to Get Better at Clash Royale

Clash Royale is one of the most enjoyable games on the smartphone gaming market. People are going wild over the idea of playing that offers you so many different options, and you are going to love just how easy it is to play this game time and time again. However, at the same time you are probably looking for a way to get better at the game because, after all, nothing is better than beating your friends in a friendly match! There are a couple of things you can do in order to get better at the game.

Maintain an Even Deck


One of the most common mistakes that people make is that they tend to favor certain kinds of cards more than others. This is because of the nominal benefits that each card is supposed to offer. At the end of the day, you can’t have a deck that has only a few different cards. You may think that getting a bunch of scrappers is a good idea, but once you get in the game you would realize that a lot more diversity is required otherwise it would be a good idea to use clash royale cheats.

You need to create a deck that has a decent amount of variety, enough to allow you to handle any contingency. You need melee units as well as units that would be able to offer you the chance to make ranged strikes at a safe distance. If you work hard enough, your ranged units are going to end up offering you the chance to break the ranks of your enemy, thus making victory a lot easier than it would have been otherwise. It will take some practice, but after a little while you are going to find that building balanced decks is a lot easier than you had initially thought.

Focus on the Towers


While it is true that you should have a diverse deck, you should also have units that would be able to focus on the towers that the enemy has. These towers should be a priority because they are what can make or break the game that you are currently participating in. While most units can attack towers if they can attack at all, if you truly want to increase your chances of winning every single time you are going to have to get units that can only attack towers.

This is because of the fact that if you have melee or units attacking a tower, your enemy might try to distract you by strategically launching an attack nearby which would end up distracting these units. Tower centric units are never going to be distracted because the only thing they care about is attacking the towers and nothing else at all! Hence, these units are necessary, you should have at least one of them in your deck if you truly want to be as versatile as possible.

Afrika for Playstation 3 Finally Heads to North America

The Playstation 3 game, Afrika, is finally coming to North America. Natsume will be bringing the quirky Japanese game over sometime in 2009.
Afrika was first seen at E3 2006 as part of the showcase for the Playstation 3, which was set to launch at the end of the year. The tech demo stood out against other videos thanks to its expansive and highly-detailed take on the African wildlife. Although there wasn’t any real gameplay footage, Afrika became one of the most hyped Playstation 3 games early on.

However, the Playstation 3 exclusive game would disappear completely from the public view. For that reason, many thought that Afrika was either cancelled or simply nothing more than a tech demo for the Playstation 3. Afrika would resurface a year later unbeknownst to the public with, for the first time ever, gameplay footage.

When the gameplay footage was shown, many people immediately thought of Pokémon Snap. The 1999 Nintendo 64 game focuses on snapping pictures of Pokémon creatures. You will ride on an automatically moving vehicle throughout exotic lands to take pictures of Pokémons in their natural habitat. This game’s essence is the same as Afrika on the Playstation 3.

In fact, you could say that Afrika is a more evolved form of Pokémon Snap. As you may have guessed from the name, the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive is set in the land of Africa. You will venture through the plains, desserts and savannahs of the massive continent filled with diverse wildlife. To traverse the massive lands, you can either use a jeep, hot air balloon or simply your own two feet.

The objective of Afrika is to become a great animal photographer. You must take pictures of wild animals at just the perfect moment in order to earn money. You can spend the cash on upgrading your equipment and unlocking real-life footage bought to you by National Geographic.

Sony Computer Entertainment published the game in Japan and released it on August 28, 2008. In spite of all the initial hype for the game in addition to numerous fan requests, they decided to not bring this unique title to the west.

Just like another Playstation 3 exclusive game, Demon’s Souls, the Sony-published Japanese game eventually found a new home with a third-party gaming company. Natsume has picked up the slab and will be bringing Afrika to North America. Best known for the Harvest Moon series, the small company specializes in publishing niche titles. Therefore, Afrika is a perfect fit for them.

Look for the Playstation 3 exclusive game to arrive before the end of 2009.

The Top Game Genres that Are Guilty of Inciting the Most Nerd Rage

Nerd rage is the uncontrollable feeling of laser beaming hatred, fury, and irritation that takes possession of gamers as a result of in-game and real world mishaps that effect their gaming experience – and following are the top gaming genres that has the habit of generating the most nerd rage.

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) are virtual worlds where gamers take on in-game characters – and gamers have been known to spend hours, days, and years acquiring in-game features and skills to boost the reputation and advance through the ranks of their favorite MMORPG. MMORPGs are notoriously known for taking over people’s lives and when something goes wrong in an MMORPG, the type of nerd rage that ensues goes from cracking computer screens to driving MMORPG gamers to trying to force remote controllers up their own butts.

First-Person Shooters

First-Person Shooters (FPS) games are probably the gaming genre responsible for the quickest burst of nerd rage possible – and If you’ve ever watched someone play a Halo or Call of Duty game, you’ve noticed the phenomenon of nerd rage first hand. In an FPS game a simple miss of a headshot, a little lag, an idiot teammate, friendly fire, or anything else that doesn’t go according to plans is all that it’ll take to cause a major case of nerd rage.

Sports Games

Regardless of the sport (basketball, soccer, baseball, football, etc.) a secret [and hidden] element in all sports games in nerd rage. It is easy for nerd rage to come about while playing sports games, because unlike most of the other games on this list, sports games require gamers to rely on the skill of AI teammates that were clearly designed by monkeys in a lab – and its likely that something will always go wrong.

Role-playing Games (RPGs)

Much like MMORPGs, RPGs are known for making even the most civil person turn into a lunatic possessed of nerd rage. The only difference between an MMORPG and an RPG is the online interaction between other players and that difference does nothing to curb a gamer ‘ s nerd rage.

Racing Simulators

Racing Simulators are unique in that gamers don’t even have to be competing against gamers or AI competition to undergo a spell of nerd rage – simply playing a tutorial level of a racing simulator can drive a gamer mad. Racing Simulators have complex gaming controls, face paced gameplay, and is not that forgiving of small mistakes – the perfect ingredients for a fresh brew of lustful mouth-salivating nerd rage.

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Why Most Simcity Buildit Players Fail

There are many games that are available in the online for you to play and to enjoy but only few games among them will give you a great adventurous feel like the Sim city build it. In this game you can able to play at the same time you can able to build your own city by yourself and become a good constructor. When you start your game first you have to lay the road which would call the entire person to your city then in order to make your city famous and unique you can name your city with the different name. Then you can begin to construct your building with the amount that you have and you would get some additional coins simoleons by using that you can able to construct more related buildings and the other residential places.

  • You must increase the population of your city as much as you can because this would help you to develop your own city.
  • Then you have to supply all the basic things that are needed for the person to live happily inside your city.
  • You have to build all the necessary things that are needed for your city people to buy and to enjoy within your city.

A proper plan would gives you more simoleons

When you construct each building you have to spend some simoleons but you should not waste your simoleons by simply building the residential places. In additional to that you can also plan to build industries where you can able to manufacture all the necessary things that are needed for you to construct the new type of the other buildings like the restaurants. But there is also another method where you can able to collect all the simoleons without constructing any method by using You can use this hack tool more than one time in your game it would be safe and secured always.

  • The only thing that is needed to hack is that your user name and the password which you had given in your Sim city build it game.
  • There is no limit or restriction for selecting your resource and you can select as much as resource you like.
  • Then you have to click on the hit button and wait for a minute to transfer all the simoleons to the game which you play.

After hacking the simoleons from the Simcity buildit hack you can able to build many commercial place where you can able to manufacture all the required things like the hardware and the other materials and sell those things in the market and gain more profits. Your main focus is to make the person who lives in your city to live happily in order to do that you have to plan in such a way that all the industrial areas are located far away from your residential area. You can also construct the school and the other entertainment place where people in your city would like to go to the week end and enjoy.

Game Guide for KORBATS LAB Two, on NEOPETS

This game guide is for the NEW version of KORBATS LAB! If you have any information, comments or questions please neomail me. I am an actual Neopets player, user name, Barbara725. This game has 50 levels and for photos of all levels you would need to see my guide on the Neopets site under my pet George72545420. For my old Korbats guide, please see my pet, EandAsmom.
What is Korbats Lab? It is what happens when you combine a game of ping pong with a game of pool-billiards. The object is to use your paddle and hit the yellow ball to remove the blocks. Simple? not really. This game requires practice and PATIENCE!

To obtain the avatar you must be in the top 50 of the high score table for the game.
Type the word spiderbite to gain an extra life. DO NOT TYPE THIS AT THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME! Wait until you have lost one life. There is a falling potion, the one with a star in it, that will give you an extra life. Unfortunately if you already have four lives you will not get an extra…. so wait in case.
The LARGE falling skull, not in a potion bottle, is GAME OVER!

#1 Flying Korbats and dangling spiders. On different levels you will notice one or more spiders or Korbats that appear to get in your way to interfere with your ball. The difference? There are a lot more of them!! The spiders drop more quickly and bounce a bit. The bats fly lower and if they are at the very bottom they can drop your ball out of the game.

#2 Each level has different configurations of blocks. The stone type you can not get through and the brown blocks you must remove. You must hit the light brown blocks once and the crate/dark brown ones three times. DIFFERENCE: THESE BLOCKS WILL NOT BECOME SOLID AND UNBREAKABLE IN SOME LEVELS LIKE THE OLD VERSION. The grenade symbol means that when that block is hit it will take out other blocks in its vicinity. The flame symbol, when hit, removes all blocks below it. DO NOT be afraid of the falling flame it does not do any harm at all.
There are 50 levels but unlike the old Korbats only the first three levels are the same in every game. After level three you will receive random game screens for each new successive level.

#3 YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO BREAK ALL THE FIRE BLOCKS BEFORE THE LAST REGULAR BLOCK! It does not seem to effect the game in any way.

#4 You no longer have a “zero” level life. In the old version when you were on life “one” you would still have a life on “zero”. Now you only have the three you start with and the “spiderbite” life plus any “potion life” if you get lucky.

Potions and NC coins. Potions, or NC coins may drop from various blocks after they have been hit. First, none of these are worth losing a life for. If you can not get it easily just skip it. The only exception to this is a LARGE falling skeleton head. Even if you lose a life avoid this as it is GAME OVER!
The silver NC coins give you a 50 point bonus.
The gold NC coin is worth 500. (rare)
Potion with purple arrows pointing outward – horizontal: Makes your paddle bigger.
Potion with pink arrows pointing inward – makes your paddle smaller.
Potion with red ball inside. Turns your ball red and it will break through all bricks including stone.
Purple potion with three yellow balls. Gives you multiple balls in play at the same time.
Potion with red arrow pointing down. Makes your paddle go slower.
Potion with red arrow pointing down and yellow ball. Makes your ball move more slowly. NOTE: SPEED EFFECTS CAN MULTIPLY. HIT A FEW BALL SLOW DOWNS IN A ROW AND THE BALL WILL HARDLY MOVE. Go have lunch….
Potion with yellow/green arrow pointing up. Makes your paddle move more quickly.
Potion with yellow/green arrow pointing up and a yellow ball. MAKES THE BALL SPEED UP – WATCH FOR MULTIPLES ON THIS!
Black potion with red question mark. Restarts your level. Great on easy level to earn extra points, but unlike the old version you must complete the full level.
Potion with pink question mark. I forget – will update.
Potion with a bullet – rocket inside. Shoots out a rocket that you control like the paddle. It can knock out one brick.
Potion with yellow arrow turning 180 degrees. Reverses your paddle controls.
Potion with green arrow turning 180 degrees. Reverses your whole game and paddle controls!!!!!
Potion bottle with SMALL skull. Removes the korbats or spiders.
Potion?? Causes all flames to fall.
Potion with yellow sun. Explodes all grenades.
Potion with “stone or rock” inside. Knocks all crates down one hit.
Blue potion with Yellow sun. Jumps you forward one level. It seems to award you full level points.
Potion with yellow/gold star. EXTRA LIFE!

SKIP LEVEL. Type “skip” at any time to skip a particular level or jump to the next if you are having trouble. Just remember that you don’t earn points if you skip this way. You may use this code as many times as you want.
MULTI-BALL. Type “destroy” to get about 30 or so balls on the screen at one time. There were too many for me to count.


You will notice that the flame on the candle changes from yellow to pink and back as you play. If you hit the space bar after a complete color change the direction your ball is traveling will change. This is GREAT!! If your ball has gotten stuck somewhere which still happens in this version, you can un-stick it. Better yet, as you learn the timing and directional changes, you can make your ball go into areas that are otherwise very difficult.

Ball bouncing through solid blocks. I have had the ball “bounce through” solid blocks that are at an angle to each other. There appears to be a very small space between the solid blocks and hit just right the ball goes through. On the good side, if there is regular block on the other side, it can knock it out.

It’s All About Clash Royale

All people are using latest mobile phones in their hand and sure you would have installed few games which you would have liked to play during your free hours. While playing your favorite game your mind would be relaxed so after relaxing, you can able to go and work again with the same energy which you had before. The clash Royale is an interesting game when compared to the other games and many of people would like to play this game in their mobile phones or in tablet. In this game you can able to play the multiplayer option with the head to head battles in your game and while playing your game you must defense your style of the battle and collect all your cards that would be helpful for playing your game.

When you are playing your game then you have to form your new synergy where you want to destroy your opponent and win that place and suppose if you wish to the attack your opponent kingdom then first you have to win one Arena. When you are going to fight then you would get a three minute time and within that three minute you should destroy your opponent suppose the match is tie then you would get one more extra minute for you to fight again so that you can use this as a chance and win your match and you won that match then you can able to get three crowns. Suppose if you both cannot able to win your match then the match would be drawn so that you have to again restart your game until you get success in your game.

  • If you want the crown then you have to destroy your opponent Arena tower completely with your troop’s members.
  • If you want to increase your number of the crowns then same level with the help of your troop you have to defeat your opponent Arena towers.
  • Suppose you would like to destroy the opponent kings tower with your troop members then you must collect three crowns.
  • Before starting attacking your opponent team you must try to capture their place little by little so that it would be easy for you to attack them and win the war easily within the short span of your time.

You can destroy your opponent king by defense when he is in sleepy mood

When you are starting to play your game you must need to collect gold, gems and the elixir in your game and this would help you to update your game to the next various levels. You can able to collect your multiple cards during your game at the same time you can use that for getting more coins whenever you need. While you are fighting you must use your low level cards so that it would be easy for you to reach your success. You can able to collect a lot of mystery box when you are playing your game and gain hundred gold and the hundred gems when you are playing your game and that would help you to go to your further levels easily.

When you open the wooden chair you all can able to get the different kinds of the chest and when you are opening each chest it would take fifteen minutes. Then that mystery box would open and you can get some kinds of the new warriors whom you can able to join them in your troop and fight together to get your victory. When you are playing you must not waste your elixir or deploy your multiple of cards for playing. There are two kinds of the damages that can be made by you in order to get success for your troops.

  • If you want to cause the damage for the single troop or for the single building then you can use the point damage.
  • Suppose if you wish to damage the multiple of troops and the buildings then you can use the splash damages.

You can able to defense and take offense towards your opponent and so that you can able to win your game easily in additional to that for fighting you may use the fireball or some kinds of the baby dragons. But for playing and winning your game all you want is the gems and the gold which would help to develop your troop and the other things. This cannot able to take place so fast it takes lot of time but when you use the tool then you can able to generate all your coins within few seconds by using the clash Royale hack generate tool so that you can able to save your time and win your game fast.

Top Five Nintendo Wii Exclusive Games

Thanks to its innovative motion control scheme, the Nintendo Wii gets plenty of exclusive games. Unfortunately, a majority of these titles lack in quality. There are a few that do stand heads and shoulders above the rest, however. Here are the top five exclusive games on the Nintendo Wii.
5. No More Heroes

Publisher: Ubisoft, Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture, Release Date: January 22, 2008, ESRB Rating: M

A lot of people see the Nintendo Wii as a friendly-family video game system. No More Heroes is the exception to the rule with its vulgar nature of off-the-wall Japanese humor and unpredictable great gameplay moments. You won’t find another game quite like it. Although it may not be for everyone, this Nintendo Wii exclusive title should please plenty of mature hardcore gamers.

4. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Publisher: Nintendo, Developer: Retro Studios, Release Date: August 27, 2007, ESRB Rating: T

The critically acclaimed Metroid Prime trilogy ended on a big bang with Metroid Prime 3: Corruption on the Nintendo Wii. The third game fixes many of the minor issues from the prequels including reduced backtracking and more combative gameplay. With great atmospheric visuals to boot, the Nintendo Wii exclusive is the best game yet in the classic trilogy.

3. Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure

Publisher: Capcom, Developer: Capcom, Release Date: October 16, 2007, ESRB Rating: E

Unfortunately, too many Nintendo Wii games simply tack on the motion capabilities of the system. Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure does motion controls better than any other games with its numerous innovative ways to solving puzzles. If you are looking for a good showcase of the Nintendo Wii’s capabilities than Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure is the perfect exclusive title.

2. Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Publisher: Nintendo, Developer: Nintendo, Release Date: March 9, 2008, ESRB Rating: T

Nintendo superstar fighting game marks its debut on the Nintendo Wii as one of the most hyped games ever. In terms of content, no other Nintendo Wii games come close to the amount this exclusive title offers whether if it is a robust roster of characters, the abundant modes, seemingly endless collectibles or the inclusion of online matches. Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the perfect game if you are Nintendo fan.

1. Super Mario Galaxy

Publisher: Nintendo, Developer: Nintendo, Release Date: November 12, 2007, ESRB Rating: E

After a long hiatus, Mario returns again in the purest and most charming title in the series since Super Mario 64. Super Mario Galaxy takes the winning formula and projected it into another level. Traveling from one planet to another in the vast galaxy with big jumps is a thrill unlike any other. Super Mario Galaxy will bring smiles to old and new gamers alike with its many unforgettable gameplay moments. Therefore, it is the best exclusive game on the Nintendo Wii.